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May 10, 2021

Scandinavian home inspiration

Scandinavian design and interior is a mix of soft textures and neutral hues. The style emphasizes simple and functional furniture, clean lines, minimalism, and lots of love and warmth. The key to a Scandinavian-inspired home is functionality, without losing beauty!

Details inspired by nature

scandinavian home decor

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The Scandinavian home and lifestyle is a lot about spending time outside, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature around us. Our lifestyle is also reflected in our interior design which inspires us to bring details from outdoors to our indoor space. Wood is a classic and popular material used in Scandinavian interior. Wether it is on the floor, used to make children’s toys, or other decorations, the style includes a lot of wood. This makes our oak frames very suitable in homes inspired by Scandinavian design and interior.


Neutral colors in your Scandinavian home

scandinavian kid's room

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Continuing on the topic of nature – we can see the earthy and warm tones inspired by the landscapes as well as monochrome, bright colors creating a simple and peaceful home environment. Scandinavian design features a neutral color palette, including colors like cream, grey, green, white, and beige.



birth posters

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A Scandinavian home has what everyone needs and nothing more, which usually keeps it very minimalistic. It is about buying less and buying better. In Scandinavia we aim for quality before quantity. Just like our saying “lagom” aims for a lifestyle based on balance, moderation and sustainable living. The Letter Poster is the perfect, clean and simple piece of art to add to your home and has been very popular amongst our Scandinavian customers.


It’s important to work with light in your Scandinavian home

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Another aspect of the Scandinavian lifestyle is our cold and dark winter period. Light has therefore always been important to us in the Nordics, whether it is light-colored walls and decorations, or making sure to have many big windows letting the natural light shine through. White-colored walls have always been a simple way to keep spaces bright and clean.


Pops of bold colors

scandinavian style

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The neutral color palette is always a go-to, but injecting some colors is never a bad idea to add a modern, artsy character to the Scandinavian home. Choose textiles, small details or add green plats to create an extra joyful space. If you are not a fan of bold colors, another option would be trying out the pastel color palette, which is a great twist to neutrals like grey and white.


Working with textures

min green wallpaper

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Textures in many different layers, there you have it! Firstly knits and blankets are important for the cold winters. Scandinavians also love rugs and other textiles that make their homes warm and cozy.


Vintage meets new

sustainable furniture

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With environmentalism as an important topic these days, sustainable furniture has become a big trend. It’s not only because it’s better for our environment, it’s a lovely way to create a mix of memories and meaning behind your interior style. Adding rare vintage founds is just the perfect way to create a beautiful, historical Scandinavian home.


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