The Birth Poster


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About The Birth Poster

I’m Evelina, the artist and founder of The Birth Poster.

Giving birth for the first time and meeting my son was a truly life-changing moment. Then, as he started growing bigger – it happens so fast – I wanted to preserve my memory of his irresistible tininess somehow. I was a passionate, yet non-professional illustrator, back then. So I drew a portrait of my boy using his actual length at birth. I then made another one for a friend, then another one for my friend’s friend. That’s how The Birth Poster was born.

Since I launched the shop in 2013 my posters have been shipped to happy parents in over 120 countries, while my family has grown to four. I’m still filled with love every time I see my boys’ posters, and I hope you will feel the same when looking at yours.

❤️With love, Evelina Westman