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August 5, 2021

Make your new house feel like home

personal art Moving homes is such an exciting time! There are so many fun decisions to make and new things to discover. But it can also be stressful to box up everything that you own and to say goodbye to things that are familiar.

My name is Leah Gaeddert, I am an artist and a mother to three kids; Emmet, Henry, and Eleanor. I share about our lives on Instagram, @leahfayegaeddert. We just moved to a new home a few weeks ago and it has been such a fun adventure to put together and share about our new space.

Our new home is only a few blocks away from our old one. It has more bedrooms, a beautiful yard, and much more space to live and play. It is a pretty minimalistic space with some modern elements, but so far a wonderful blank slate for us to fill and make ours!


unique wall art

Leah’s tips for moving and making a new house feel like home:

1. Take your time – In the grand scheme of things we have ”moved” fairly quickly. But we are piecing rooms together slowly. We aren’t in any rush to take on any major renovation projects or to fill up the space. It feels pretty minimalistic for now and that’s okay! Unpack and arrange the things that are necessary for your family to live and take your time with the rest.

2. Bring the things you love the most from your old home – this one feels pretty obvious, but it is helpful especially with little ones. The boys were so excited to see familiar furniture like their beds, dressers, books, and toys. Having those things made the space feel more like home to them right away.

3. Find a few new treasures – We had more space to fill so we were able to add some new things too! We found a majority of our new furniture secondhand, it has been fun to find things and the boys have loved getting new things too!

4. Add a personal touch – Artwork that has special meaning can help a new space feel like home, and what better way than with a personalized poster from The Birth Poster! For the boys room I chose a set of “The Stars Above” posters in beige and for Eleanor’s nursery corner in our master bedroom I chose a “The Birth Poster” Trio in Form. I love the way they look and the kids love to find their names up on the wall!


personalized poster

Whether you are moving across town, to a brand new place or just hoping to refresh the home you currently live in, I hope these tips will help you make your new house feel like home!

– Leah Gaeddert

Read more on Leah’s blog here!


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