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August 18, 2021

Bohemian nursery ideas

We at The Birth Poster are absolutely in love with the trendy Bohemian nursery style. The earthy color tones, blends of textures, and the rather unique relaxed vibe look both adorable and playful. If you would like to give a Boho vibe to your home, read on because we got plenty of Boho nursery décor ideas for you to get started.


bohemian nursery inspiration

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An introduction to bohemian home décor

Bohemian interior and home décor are things that will never go out of trend. This style fits just as well in your whole home as in your baby’s nursery. Bohemian design unleashes color, texture, and pattern in a way that offers a unique aesthetic. The style is a rule blender approaching you to color out of the lines, have lots of pillows in your sofa together with rare vintage objects. We will now guide you further with our tips to create the finished Bohemian look in your home and specifically nursery. 


Bohemian color palette

A good start to creating your Bohemian nursery is finding out what color hues to look for. Think deep browns, greys, and greens for base colors. Thereafter you decorate with colors like purple, blue, and fiery orange. Terracotta, which is one of our most popular background colors, suits perfectly in the Bohemian nursery. 



Break the brown, warm colors with some fresh green plants in your nursery space. In case you’re not a natural gardener, you can of course go for faux plants instead.


Bohemian nursery guide

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Macramé and poster hangers

Wall decorations are fundamental, but you need to choose the right style. Macrame has been a popular way to decorate your space and brings a one-of-a-kind look to your Bohemian chic nursery. Instead of framing your art with a regular frame we recommend going with the more relaxed style using hangers, like our poster hangers in oak. 


Braided baskets

Braided baskets give a good Boho look to your nursery. Whether they are big or small, they are great for a child’s nursery as they can hold toys, diapers, blankets, clothes, or anything really. 


Tribal textiles

To create a Bohemian look to your nursery choose tribal-inspired bedding for the crib and other textiles in your child’s room. You can mix, match, and combine different patterns and create a unique combination that will look good and comforting for your little toddler. 


Colorful artwork

For a nursery, we recommend you choose bright colors and intriguing patterns for your baby’s wall art. Our most popular background colors used in the Bohemian nurseries are dark beige and terracotta. 

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