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February 22, 2022


Let’s talk about gender reveal gift ideas. Your friend is having a baby, how exciting! Maybe they have planned a party or a gathering to reveal and share the gender of the baby before he or she is born. Gender reveal parties are becoming more common all over the world these days. It’s a fun and creative way of celebrating the coming birth of a a baby. You may be thinking of taking a gift to this big happening and we’ve got you covered if you’re fresh out of ideas. Here are some of our best and unique gift ideas!


gender reveal gift ideas

Pictures by: @littlearin_sharma and @Adeline_lula

Gender reveal gift ideas

You want to give something unique. A lot of gift ideas are quite similar to each other. You might find the perfect gift just to find out that it’s something somebody else already have thought of. We’re here to help you find something personal and unique. The new parents to be are going to love all gifts and help they can get. A party like this should be memorable and fun. A nice gift is not just something material. A nice gift is a memory that will last for years.


gender reveal party gift

Picture by: @owies_i_len

The Milestone Mat

Imagine a mat that allows you to stop time for a second. Sounds like the most magical of all gender reveal gift ideas, right? Well, we got you – almost – covered. The Milestone Mat is a mat that lets you capture and document your baby’s growth in a fun way. The idea of The Milestone Mat is pretty simple. Just use it as a backdrop when taking photos of your little one and adjust the included markers to indicate your baby’s current age. It’s on top of all  and the perfect present to give to someone that’s expecting a baby.


gender reveal party

The Leather Posters

When scrolling through gender reveal gift ideas, keep in mind that children grow fast. Go for something simple and long lasting. Like wall art made of leather. Our latest addition to our wide range of products is the The Leather Posters. It’s posters made of vegan leather printed with uplifting texts like ”You are my sunshine” or ”You’re magic!”. It will give a real nice touch to the nursery and it will be loved by the whole family.


More gender reveal gift ideas – The Photo Poster

You probably have a cute photo of your friend revealing her big pregnant belly. Don’t we all do when our friends are expecting a baby? Wouldn’t it be a shame to let that photo remain unseen by everyone else? Here’s what we think you should do: Print it on a poster and make an artwork out of it. Go big! It’s super easy to upload the photo to our create-tool and customize the poster just as you want it. A photo that lasts forever is one of the best gender reveal gift ideas.

If you’ve been invited to a baby reveal party, it can be tricky knowing what gift you should take with you. Some invites will suggest potential gifts, or say that they’re not necessary at all, which would undoubtedly make your job easier. However, if you’re struggling with knowing what present you should get, here are some suggestions.


For the Baby

When it comes to baby reveal parties, it’s common for guests to take a gift for the new child. This can actually be a difficult decision to make since the gender of the baby won’t be known to guests until during the party itself. In this case, you should choose something that is gender-neutral and can be used by the baby regardless of their gender. If you want to gift clothing, go with neutral colors such as white, yellow, and green rather than blue or pink; and stay clear of gender-specific characters or slogans on the clothing.

Additionally, a general rule of thumb for buying clothes for a new baby is to get something for them to grow into. Babies grow quickly, and what fits one day could be too small the next. Purchase clothes that can be worn by the baby as they grow; the parents will certainly be thankful as buying new clothing is a seemingly never-ending task due to the speed of growth. Already having bigger clothes they can use months after the birth will be a weight lifted off their shoulders.


For the Parents

Perhaps you want to get a gift for the parents instead of, or as well as, the baby. In this case, it’s generally easier to consider which gift to get, as you know them already and thus have an idea of what they do and don’t like. As a general guide, stay away from gifts that the parents (especially the mother) wouldn’t be able to enjoy during the pregnancy, such as alcohol. Perhaps some chocolates or relaxing bath products could be good alternatives.

Awaiting the arrival of a new baby can be an exciting time but is also stressful. Having an idea of what gifts are suitable for baby reveal parties or other occasions during the pregnancy can relieve some stress, however.

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