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March 4, 2022

TRINA CARY: ”The world could be incredibly beautiful”

This is the second part of our interview series with some of our favorite women. Trina Cary lives in the town Kelowna in western Canada and works as a photographer. She’s passionate about capturing the raw beauty of women and authentic moments of people’s lives. We talked about women, body image and who’s her favorite woman.

international womens day

Pictures by: @trinacaryphotography


What does being a woman feel to you? How do you describe the feeling of being a woman?

”Rhythmic, sensual, powerful, vulnerable, and intelligent and honestly just miraculous.”

Do you think your own perception of being a woman has changed from when you were young?

”I am blessed to say I was raised in an extremely loving and supportive family. Growing up in ”a man’s world” but always given chances to prove myself as a woman. My family runs a wilderness operation in Northern Canada so I am often outnumbered by men. There are many skills I don’t have because I wasn’t taught them due to my gender, but if I was to ask to learn I would be taught in a heartbeat.”


”I think men would rather

be doing what we are doing”


”It’s a bit of a funny thing, I think men sometimes just don’t think we are interested, so they don’t teach us. I think a lot of men would rather be doing what we are doing. That being said, if I was not determined to be out with the boys I would automatically fall into doing “girl” jobs such as sweeping and tidying beds so I have learnt to speak up for what I desire.”

What women’s issue is closest to your heart?

”Sexual violence and women having the right to decide if having children is for them or not. I met a group of women in India and their stories will haunt me forever. They told me that birth control was free and available for them and that it was not against their religion to take contraceptives. But if they were to not conceive a baby their husbands would beat them because they are deemed worthless. I saw it with my own eyes. One woman had gone blind in her left eye because her husband had beaten her in the face so many times. He’d come home to their tent camp drunk and angry, raping her over and over beside all the other families.”


”This has to stop”


”These women told me their role in this life was to be a mother and if they can’t perform this task they may as well die. And they believed this! Again, there is religion involved and one must take this into account, but to feel so worthless if you’re unable to conceive… There must be some women that dream of a successful life without motherhood, but they must keep these dreams silent for it’s a sin to even think in those terms. And to be raped by their own husbands agains their will… This has to stop.”

trina cary

Pictures by: @trinacaryphotography


What do you think we all can do to deal with this issue?

”Stop the sexism. I hate ”roles”. I believe you can do whatever you like no matter your gender. If you’re a man and you want to stay at home with the kids and cook, then you should be praised as a strong man. If you’re a woman and want to stay at home with the kids and cook, then you are a strong woman. It should be your CHOICE how you spend your life. DO what makes you happy, don’t let roles manipulate you. Teach women to be brave and stand up for what they want to do! Treat all humans equally. We all have our unique set of strengths and passions. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to and if we are all given the same opportunities the world could become an incredibly beautiful place.”


”If we’re all given the same opportunities – the world could become an incredibly beautiful place”


Do you have a special woman you look up to? Why?

”My mom, she is powerful and loving all at the same time and she raised my sister and I strong. She is extremely hard working, smart and has proven she can be 100% independent. She raised us to love ourselves and be fearless.”

How do you contribute to strengthening women in your job as a photographer?

”I show women what they’re worth. I bring self love back into their vocabulary. Transform them into confident badass Queens. When they leave their photoshoot they have their head held high and nothing can stop them. ”

womens dayPictures by: @trinacaryphotography


The use of social media has raised questions over its impact on beauty standards and self-esteem. As a photographer capturing raw beauty, what’s your opinion on this topic?

”I don’t understand why we all want to look like each other. The beauty is in our uniqueness. Beauty standards are trendy like fashion, they come and go and change as fast as we can spend our money. We need to spend more time looking in the mirror and changing our inner dialogue to love. Your body is a temple, how you treat it is how you will be able to live a long, healthy, happy life. Wrinkles are earned and smile lines are a natural symbolic tattoo of the laughter in your life. You’re never going to be ”perfect” because ”perfect” is always changing so choose to be humble instead.”


”Smile lines are a natural tattoo

of the laughter in your life”


Get to know Trina better and watch her stunning photos on instagram @trinacaryphotography

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