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baby sketch poster

Baby sketch
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Capture the magic of your baby’s arrival with our sentimental baby sketch poster.


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Create your own birth poster and choose among 20 different sketches, all designed by The Birth Poster founder Evelina Westman.

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Baby sketch

Baby sketch posters are a unique and sentimental way for parents to remember the day their child was born. These posters feature a sketch illustration of the baby, capturing their tiny features and little details that often fade from memory over time. They are perfect for putting up on the wall in the nursery or in the baby’s room as a daily reminder of how small and precious they once were. And as the child grows, it serves as a reminder of how much they have grown and changed since that special day. It’s a perfect way to remember the journey of parenthood and the growth of your child.

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Meet the artist
Evelina Westman

Evelina Westman is the artist, co-founder
and mother behind The Birth Poster.