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June 14, 2021

The Stars Above game

Paula (@vik_and_paule) is a medical doctor, travel lover, and mother. Together with her family, she lives in Braga, Portugal. Following her Instagram account, you will get introduced to lots of nature photography, handmade creations, kid’s craft ideas inspired by nature, and a beautifully styled home. We are not only impressed with her beautiful captures of her The Stars Above poster, but also with her very creative mind and kid’s play ideas. She has shared with us this amazing game to play together with your children, using only beach pebbles and our.


stars above

How to play The Stars Above game:

1. Collect a couple of beach pebbles (you can also use paper, wooden bricks, or anything else you find suitable).

2. Draw patterns, inspired by the stars on your poster, on one side of the stone.

4. Write the name of the corresponding star on the other side.

3. Put all your pebbles in a bag.

Now the fun game can begin! Let your child take a stone from the bag and match it with the star patterns on the poster. At the same time, you can try to learn the names of the stars and have a wonderful time together.

Are you excited to try this The Stars Above game at home? Create yours here!

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