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June 25, 2021

Summer DIY: Flower crown

Today we celebrate Swedish Midsummer Day. This day is not only the brightest day of the year in Sweden, it is also a day filled with fun games, delicious food, family, laughter and lots of love. One thing to remember – you are not fully dressed for midsummer unless you also wear your own flower crown. Therefore we have created this summer DYI for you, guiding you how to make your own flower wreath and have the best Midsummer Day!

summer DIYPhotos by: helenalyth.se & Evelina Westman


A bunch of beautiful flowers
Steel wire


1. Make a frame of steel wire with loops at each end. It should almost reach around your head.

2. Cut off all your flowers so that they have about 7 cm left of the stem.

3. Make small bouquets with 3-4 flowers in each.

4. Add a bouquet to one of the ends of the frame and spin around a few turns with wire. Then put another bouquet right after the first one and spin it on. Continue like this until your whole frame is dressed with flowers. One tip is to add the last bouquet in the opposite direction so that you get flowers all the way until the loop instead of stalks.

5. Tie a piece of ribbon to each end. These you’ll tie together when you have the wreath on your head so that you can easily adjust the size to fit your head.

Extra tip: You can keep your wreath beautiful and fresh by spraying it with water and put in a plastic bag in the fridge.


Click here to create yours!

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