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March 31, 2019

Scandinavian interior for your kids room

We have been given the opportunity to meet Katya (@katyasinka), an amazing woman and mother of three kids. She lives together with her family in a 250m2 villa in the South of Sweden. Today she has let us have a look inside her kid’s beautifully styled bedrooms. Most of her styling inspiration for these spaces comes from scrolling through inspiring Scandinavian design accounts on Instagram. However, she always ends up loving everything designed and created in Denmark. Read on for more Scandinavian and Danish-inspired kid’s interior and styling!

“I love Danish design for its minimalistic and simplistic form”


kid's bedroom


Katya describes her style as a combination of Danish design and Swedish retro from the 1950’s – a lovely combination of vintage meets new!

While welcoming us into her children’s room, we can see the Scandinavian-inspired color palette, including natural colors like cream, grey, white, and dusty pink. Wood is also something we noticed in this beautiful space. It is a material used a lot in Scandinavian-inspired interiors, just like in Katya’s children’s bedroom and rest of her home. Last but not least, we will of course not forget how lovely The Birth Poster Sketch #1 duo fits in this lovely space.


scandinavian inspired kids room


The twins, Leo and Olivia, are sharing a bedroom on the second floor. This is where Katya has chosen to display The Birth Poster Duo on the wall. Katya also mentions they have a playroom for all the kids on the first floor. A perfect solution to make sure your kids can be messy and go as wild as they can, without having to tidy up every day.



“I asked them last month if they wanted to start sleeping in separate bedrooms and Olivia started to cry. So, I guess they are not ready to be apart from each other just yet”


scandinavian kid's room inspiration


Follow @katyasinka for more Scandinavian inspired home styling.

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