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March 27, 2019

Nursery inspiration

We have collected a lot of nursery inspiration with different color palettes, styling, and kid’s decorations which will give you lots of inspiration when it comes to creating your own child’s space.


Color themed nursery inspiration

pink nursery@bllhomeMatching your children’s decorations och toys with the rest of your chosen color in the children’s room, is a perfect way to keep the nursery playful, yet stylish at the same time. This pink-themed nursery is so cute, with pink-colored wall art, pink pillows, and other decorations. 


Boho nursery inspiration

cozy playroom

@taaybolt – Boho styled nurseries has become a huge trend lately. This is definitely understandable since the warm, earthy color palette creates a very cozy vibe in a playroom or nursery. We love this little corner with lots of pillows and toys – the perfect place for your children to goof around and take a little nap.


Scandinavian styled nursery inspiration

blue nursery

@tanianoergaard – How lovely is the color on the wall in this nursery? This cute kid’s bedroom has a Scandinavian-inspired style, with wooden details and small pops of color which we adore. We think it is beautiful to see how The Birth Poster with its oak hanger, matches perfectly with the other wooden details in the nursery. Scandinavian interior style with simple shapes, neutral color palette, and natural materials fit just as good when styling your nursery as the rest of your home.


A place for everyone to enjoy

birth poster

@loeppkyslife – Spending time together is very valuable, and why not make the nursery a place even parents can enjoy? The Birth Poster is a lovely wall decoration in the nursery that will always remind you of how small your child once used to be. It is also something to look at together when it is bedtime. Take a moment to tell them a little story about life’s happy moments. For example, you can talk about the day they were born.


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