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July 21, 2021

Nursery Feng Shui in 7 steps

nursery feng shui

The nursery Feng Shui principles are based on letting energy flow freely through its surrounding, with help from colors and other arrangements, affecting your baby’s health, happiness, and intelligence. Creating this perfect space for your little newborn is definitely a challenge, and not as easy as it sounds!

To follow the Feng Shui principles you want to make sure the nursery environment is healthy and harmonious for the baby, as well as it’s suitable for feeding, playing, and sleeping. Overall, it’s about trusting your body’s responses and the choices you make about your baby’s room and let it delight all your baby’s five senses.


Seven steps to designing a welcoming nursery for your little bundle of joy:

1. Use light, calming colors for your walls, textiles, and decorations.

2. Consider the room location carefully, as well as the placement of clots.

3. Display family photos, or a personalized artwork, to create an environment of love and comfort.

4. Touch and feel – use natural, warm and soft fabrics.

5. Let in plenty of natural light.

6. Choose small, gentle patterns.

7. Keep it low (or no) tech.


Breakdown of colors and their meanings nursery feng shui: 

Soft yellows – promote a sense of connectedness and cheerfulness.

Light blues and greens – represent nature and growth. The colors also inspire mental development and calmness.

Pink – hues of pink encourage creativity and curiosity.

Red – only bring this color out during playtime!


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