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July 21, 2021

Meet Julie Gache

motherhood interview

Julie Gache is an inspiring mother of two little girls named Élie and Paula. Together with her girls and husband Renaud, she is living in a beautiful home on the countryside of France. We came across Julie’s Instagram account @capoupascap.lili and were immediately amazed by her beautiful photography, and have now got the opportunity to learn more about her unique interior style, passion for photography and motherhood.

“When I became a mother it was obvious for me to devote myself 100% to my children. I was lucky enough to be at home and take care of the girls during their early years of life. This was also when my interest in photography started. At first it was a passion of mine, but shortly after it became my profession.”

Julie is today a photographer working with clients including children’s clothing, interior brands, but also families. Julie is not only expressing her creativity in photography, she is also a source of inspiration when it comes to interior style.


interior design

“I prefer mixing many styles, neutral colors, and changing my decorations according to my desires. I love designer pieces just as much as I love vintage objects.”

Julie’s mix of raw materials, simple shapes and color palette remind us a lot of Scandinavian interior design. With a combination of new and vintage objects, she adds her own personal touch to her interior. Julie’s choice of oak frames and wooden details in the minimalistic bedroom definitely creates a very modern, but warm look that we love!

“Most of my inspiration comes from different magazines as well as social media, like Pinterest and Instagram. My goal is to combine all inspiration I find and create an interior style that reflects my family and in which we also feel good.”


nursery inspo

The kid’s rooms and nursery styling is just to die for, don’t you agree? The girl’s bedrooms have got beautiful, neutral colors with cute details keeping it playful and suitable for the children. We love how the Sketch #1 suits both rooms.

“Since my girls are still small, I feel like taking the opportunity to style and find solutions keeping their rooms soft and pleasant. They also have large wall cupboards to store their toys, clothes which also hide the mess!”


motherhood photography

How would you describe motherhood in three words?

“Three words to describe motherhood is too little, but I would say life, love and sharing. My challenge is for their childhood to be playful and to keep their carefree life for as long as possible. We try to give them all the love and confidence they need to become fulfilled, happy women. Women who know what they want and how to achieve it. All mothers are different, but we love our children with this indescribable love that has bound us from day one.”


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