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August 4, 2021

Gallery wall ideas to suit every style



A gallery wall definitely adds creativity and a unique sense of style to your home. It is a fun, and nice-looking way to gather your favorite art pieces, and your most memorable moments – just like The Birth Poster.

It is important to understand that selecting pieces that match your personal style can take time. Many people believe they have to cover a whole wall, but contrary to popular belief, gallery walls can live in corners, stairwells, and differents rooms while still making an impact on the home’s aesthetics.

To help you get started and find inspiration for your unique gallery wall, we have collected a couple of examples from our customer’s homes, to make sure you find your way of creating it suitable for your style and home.


gallery art

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No. 1 The shelf gallery wall

Some of us prefer to not nail our wall, but that does not mean there are no other solutions! Stacking up your artworks on a shelf makes it possible for you to often change the style. This kind of gallery wall is suitable for the kitchen, hallway, and living room.

No. 2 The grid wall

This is definitely an aesthetically pleasing option! A grid wall art gallery features art of similar size lined up in a grid formation, bringing uniformity and simplicity to the space. We recommend mixing up the theme and look of each piece, just like the example above, for a very unique outcome!

No. 3 Grey is the perfect canvas

A big, light grey wall is the perfect canvas for wall art. Not as bright as white, but bright enough to make the art pop, and transform your home to an incredible place.


Gallery wall

@brookandpeony @signemorkebergsjostrom @keeelly91

 No. 4 The love for oak frames

There are many reasons why we love the oak frame – Its great durability, its unique appearance, and it is environmentally friendly.

No. 5 The black frame

The black frame creates a modern, and bold contrast to your artwork, especially when you have art in light colors. It defines the amazing function, and look of framing your art.

No. 6 Mixing frames

Mixing, and not matching – we just love this idea!


the birth poster

@camillaguldbrandt @ssarahjacobsen @decorloveme

No. 7 Modern vibe
The colors terracotta, and green, mixed with different shapes, and materials shown in this living room is a lovely combination creating a very artsy, and modern home.

No. 8 The minimalist

Creating a gallery wall does not have to mean you need plenty of art on the wall. A minimalistic gallery wall can help other interior pieces stand out a little more. This simple wall gallery, with a beige theme, definitely makes The Birth Poster stand out!

No. 9 Nature-infused

Did you know that plants help boost happiness and reduce stress? This means incorporating them in your home can help improve quality of life. Place green plants close to your wall art for an even more soft, warm, and organic look.


inspiration for your wall

@mitnavnermalene @decorloveme @thebirthposter
No. 8 The maximalist wall

We know we said you do not need a lot of art on the wall for it to be a wall gallery, but honestly, can you have enough? We just love this wall art gallery where every single space of the wall is covered with art in all different sizes, also with one similarity: a black frame. You could also create this kind of gallery wall without selecting a specific theme, and just collect unique objects that speak to you.

No. 9 The gallery stairwell

Add life to a stairwell with a gallery wall. Lay out the pieces to visually ascend with the stairs to create a natural line for the eye to follow, ensuring that the gallery will be cohesive with the natural lines already present in the home’s structure. We just love this look!

No. 10 Choose a theme

Choose a theme for your wall art gallery! One way is choosing a color . It could be just the small details in a painting or also the whole background, that has the color. Another way of choosing a theme is by finding a specific style, for example minimalistic art that has a lot of depth and meaning to it, just like the example above.


Have you also created a wall art gallery with The Birth Poster? Please tag us with #thebirthposter / @thebirthposter and we will make sure to check it out!


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