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April 30, 2019

Our founders birth story

birth story


Today we are having a talk with with Evelina Westman, our creative director and co-founder, about her birth story. In most countries around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, although on different days. Us at The Birth Poster have decided to devote the whole month to the topic of motherhood, its different models, challenges, and beautiful sides. 

In the last months of her pregnancy, Evelina had been sharing a lot of updates about how she and the baby were doing on The Birth Poster’s Instagram. She got an overwhelming amount of comments and words of support from you. You also asked her to write something more about her birth story. So, here it is!


In which week of your pregnancy did Ulf arrive? You feared it would be post the scheduled delivery date.

– Since my first son, Uno, came 14 days late, I feared the second one would be delayed as well. I was so happy when he arrived in 39 weeks + six days, exactly on the planned due date. I was in such a good mood that my husband had doubts about how serious I was when I told him that the labor had started. Even when we got to the hospital, the staff was a bit suspicious because I was so happy and excited. Sounds weird, but it’s the truth.


How fast did things evolve? From the first contractions to holding him in your arms.

– Contractions started exactly at 2 pm and Ulf was out at 8:38 pm that night. The first contractions came every three minutes and lasted for 30 seconds, so I called the hospital at once.


What kind of delivery did you choose?

– I chose to deliver vaginally and got a good experience this time. My first delivery was a nightmare, so I wanted revenge!


emotional birth story


Did you choose to have anesthesia?

– When we arrived at the hospital, I felt that I had control over the pain and didn’t need any anesthesia. After an hour I started with nitrous oxide and asked the nurse to prepare an epidural for me. Everything went very quickly and the pain accelerated rapidly. Before the epidural began to work completely, the water broke and I started to feel that enormous pressure. It hurt like hell, but twenty minutes later Ulf was in my arms. When he was out I still had a lot of energy left, and I felt so happy about the fact he came on the due date. It was such a beautiful moment and I will remember it as the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I definitely got the revenge I wanted!


Your first thought after seeing him?

– I was passed out when I met my first son for the first time, and I barely have any memories from that first moment. So this time, I thought a lot about that and how grateful I was for being awake and clear in my mind to remember the moment forever. It was like all my senses were highly awake trying to register everything: his smell, his looks, the room, the light!


mother's birth story


Who do you think Ulf resembles more? You or Gustav?

– He looks a lot like his older brother so far… I think both of them are like a 50/50 mix of the two of us.


Your first craving after the giving birth?

– I thought I was going to crave everything that I hadn’t been able to eat or drink for the last nine months, but I was too high on life and love (hormones!). I just needed the smell of my new little baby.



When do hospitals in Sweden let moms and babies go home after giving birth? Could the older brother come and see Ulf in the hospital?

– The hospitals prefer not to have a lot of visitors. However, if you insist, most of our hospitals have a limit of two people at a time. Since it all went so well, we were able to leave the hospital after 18 hours and I did the rest of my recovery at home with the family. This is also when Uno met his little brother for the first time. Another thing worth mentioning is that in Sweden your partner get 10 days off work (fully paid), so we had a beautiful start.


I am sure that a lot of moms out here would appreciate your advice on packing the bag to the hospital. What did you bring with you?

– When labor began I hadn’t packed the bag yet. I was so excited I forgot half of the things I planned to bring. But we packed our camera, clothes for the baby, comfy clothes for me, chargers, my favorite candy, and some other things.


You’ve visited our office several times now, Ulf seemed like the most peaceful baby in the world. Is this also the way he is at home? How do you find yourself in this new situation?

– Ohh, he is such a peaceful baby. Now, almost two months in, he is more awake and has started to need a bit more attention. Overall he is never angry or anything. I breastfeed him quite often, approximately every one and a half hours during the day, and every two-three hours at night. This time around with a newborn I love the whole mom thing. I’m so happy in this new situation, I look at all my boys and burst into tears of gratitude (again, hormones speaking!).


A question that must also be asked here: which Birth Poster did you choose for Ulf?

– We choose Continuous Line #3, one of our new illustrations, with a black frame. It fits perfectly next to his bigger brother’s poster, which is Continuous Line #1



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